New DC_SIGGRAPH Chapter Chair

Happy New Year everyone!  DC_SIGGRAPH would like to make some exciting new announcements! 

This year Roberto Ortiz has agreed to step in as Chair of our Chapter.  I (Kim Wallace) will assume the responsibilities as Vice-Chair.  Evren Bilgihan will once again take the responsibilities as Secretary.  Tom Davis will remain as our Communications Chair.

We are currently planning some exciting meetings for this year and an announcement for our next meeting will be out shortly. 

Stay tuned!

Kim Wallace

2 thoughts on “New DC_SIGGRAPH Chapter Chair”

  1. Hi! I’ve been wanting to join and attend ACM Siggraph- D.C. for sometime now, but I currently live in Chicago, IL. Although I have tried to attend some of the D.C. Siggraph events, unfortunately, they have not coincided with my trips to D.C. I was wondering if you will be having any events in the upcoming future for 2011.

    Also, for over a year, I have been trying to relocate to the D.C. area with a graphics-based job and have come across a lot of rejection. I was wondering if my approach is wrong, or if it hinders me to be having a Chicago, IL address in my resume. Is there anyone in D.C. Siggraph that would be willing to have a chat/talk with me for advice? Does anyone have an contacts in Chicago that could advise me?

    I would appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks for your time.

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