March meeting


DC_SIGGRAPH is planning to do something different for our March meeting.  Please join us for a film screening of Space Junk 3D at the Johnson IMAX Theater, Natural History Bldg at 10th & Constitution Avenue, NW on Friday, March 16.  A discussion with Andrew Johnston, a geoscientist at the Air and Space Museum, follows the screening. You can purchase tickets on line or call the number below.

We hope to see you there!
Information below:
Space Junk 3D. Evening Film Screening

Friday, March 16 @ 7pm

Presented by Smithsonian Resident Associate Program

$10-$13 buy tickets

Call 202-633-3030 to order
After 50 years of launching our dreams into space, we’re left a growing ring of orbiting debris that casts a shadow over the future of space exploration. Experience mindboggling collisions, soar from stunning depths to unprecedented views, and embark on a sensory expanding voyage into our now-threatened Final Frontier in visually explosive 3D. Join Andrew Johnston, National Air and Space Museum geographer, following the screening for discussion and Q&A.

Friday, March 16, 2012 @ 7:00 pm
Space, the final frontier— or ultimate, orbiting landfill? For more than 50 years, we’ve launched our dreams into space. We’ve successfully brought back astronauts, space shuttles, moon rocks, images of the universe, and massive amounts of data. At the same time, we’ve also left a lot behind. Countless pieces of metal, glass, and plastic from satellites, rockets, and other manmade objects are orbiting directly above us. These objects, which can be as large as a bus, travel at high speeds, often crashing into each other, natural orbiting objects, or falling back into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Space Junk 3D (38 min.), narrated by Tom Wilkinson, explores the potential dangers this extraterrestrial clutter presents as it gets in the way of our scientific orbits. The film also introduces potential initiatives to clean up space.

A discussion with Andrew Johnston, a geoscientist at the Air and Space Museum, follows the screening.

See the Space Junk 3D trailer now.

Johnson IMAX Theater, Natural History Bldg
10th & Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, DC

Quick Tix Code: 1P0-299