DC_SIGGRAPH Meeting Tuesday, July 20

When: July 20, 2010 from 7pm to 9pm

Where: O’Malley’s Pub Tysons Corner, 1960 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA 22102, (703) 893-2100 (in the Crown Plaza Tysons Corner Hotel – next to the BAE building in Tysons) BAE is located at 8201 Greensboro Drive, McLean, VA)

Well, it’s that time of the year again – time for the SIGGRAPH conference! This year it is in Los Angeles from July 25-29. Are you planning to attend? Are you ready? Whether this is your first or 15th conference, let DC_SIGGRAPH help you prepare for this event. (For more information about the conference, you can check it out here: http://www.siggraph.org/s2010/ )

Join DC_SIGGRAPH for an informal gathering to discuss the best way to prepare for the SIGGRAPH conference – how to get the most out of the conference, what to pack, how to plan your week. Hear about the differences between this conference and ones in previous year. Share your past experiences with first time conference attendees and learn how to get involved with the ACM SIGGRAPH Professional and Student Chapters Committee at the conference.

For those of you who will not be attending the entire week or cannot attend at all, network with the group and arrange an information exchange after the conference. DC_SIGGRAPH invites all SIGGRAPH participants – past and present – to take part in this event.

The meeting will be held Tuesday, July 20, from 7 – 9 pm at O’Malley’s Pub Tysons Corner, 1960 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA 22102 (next to the BAE building). You can find information about O’Malley’s here: http://www.omalleystysonscorner.com/index.html

The reason we are not meeting at BAE is because of the possibility I go into labor early (or am otherwise unable to attend), there would not be anyone able to let people into the building! If I am unable to attend, Roberto, our Vice-Chair will fill you in on the latest.  Also, get on-line and fill out the SIGGRAPH scheduler to see what schedule conflicts you have.  Print it out and share with other attending the conference!