DC_SIGGRAPH July Meeting Info

Hello All,
I’ve been talking about having a DC_SIGGRAPH  “How to Prepare for the
SIGGRAPH conference” meeting before everyone heads off to LA at the
end of the month.  The meeting was going to be this week, but I’ve
come to the realization that I am woefully unprepared for the
meeting.  Since I am unable to attend the conference in LA (due to
upcoming maternity leave – “soon”) I have no idea what’s “new” or
“hot” to see at the conference.  I don’t even know what classes are
offered this year!

Our dear Vice-Chair, Roberto, who IS attending the conference is going
to do a little research and see what you “shouldn’t miss” if you plan
to attend.  He is going to check his schedule and we will be posting a
meeting announcement shortly.  Our meeting will not be at BAE as
originally planned, since if I go into labor, no one will have access
to the building.  We are considering the little pub in the hotel next
to BAE though.  Stay tuned for meeting announcements!

If you are planning to attend the conference in LA, please, share your
information here – what sounds like a “must see” event to you?  What
classes are you going to attend?  Where are the hot parties this
year?  Let us know and we’ll get together shortly to discuss the