Real Time VR and 360 Video – Washington DC ACM SIGGRAPH

DATE:   Thursday, October 20, 2016
FROM:  7:00-9:00pm
WHERE:  US Patent and Trademark Office (directions below)

The Washington DC chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH is proud to present a panel discussion on Real Time VR and 360 Video with Robert Cloutier from Digital History Studios.  Mr. Cloutier, the organizer of our panel discussion, will be discussing 360 rendering for 3D animation.  Joining Mr. Cloutier will be Chris Wren (Real Time VR), Brian Mahoney/Jonathan Powell (360 video capture, editing and cameras), and Shayna Skolnik (VR visualization with NASA).  The biographies for our esteemed panel are listed below.

Virtual Reality (VR) is a rapidly evolving field with new hardware and applications being released at a rapid pace.  Our panel of 3D artists will discuss various aspects of the VR field and what is required to begin explorations in the VR arena.

Please join us on Thursday, October 20, 2016 from 7pm to 9pm at the US Patent and Trademark Office to learn more about Real Time VR and 360 Video.

In order to offset costs for this event, we request a $5 contribution from non-members.


Chris Wren
Chris Wren comes from a background in AAA game development, working as an artist and producer for 12+ years at companies like EA/Maxis, Namco and Microprose. Among the titles he has worked on are the award winning F-16 combat flight simulator Falcon 4.0, the Sims franchise (Chris worked on 7 of them), and Warhammer: Mark of Chaos for the PC and XBOX 360. Chris studied Cognitive Psychology at University of San Francisco, and earned his Master of Education in instructional technology at George Mason University. Chris has spent the last 8 years instructing game development at George Mason University in Virginia and for over 5 years he has been researching the topics of VR and AR, specifically advanced interactivity in this new emerging medium. Chris also founded and runs a small company focused on Game Consulting, Virtual and Augmented Reality:

WrenAR LLC (

Brian Mahoney – Creative Director/Co-Founder Look On Media
Brian Mahoney is a professional dreamer with a drive and passion for all things VR. After graduating from MICA, he spent the last ten years at Firaxis, one of the most critically respected videogame companies in the world. During his time there he shipped 6 major titles all of which received critical and commercial success, earning many Game of the Year awards along the way. In those games Brian has worked with industry leading talent to create 3D environments and worlds that captivated millions of players all around the world. His passion is creating 3D worlds in Virtual Reality that truly inspire a sense of wonder as though the audience has been teleported to a place of enduring dreams and imagination. With this new technology the only limit is the power of the imagination and Brian will create worlds that truly transport audiences to places they’ve never been before.

Jonathan Powell – President/Co-Founder Look On Media
Jonathan Powell is a creative force. With over ten years’ experience in digital product development and degrees in Marketing and Digital Media from Colorado State University, he conceptualizes and executes projects that are effective, purposeful, and memorable. Having launched numerous high-profile websites, three award-winning mobile games, and eleven studio productions, Jonathan’s passion for creativity is matched only by his drive to exceed project expectations and goals. Analyzing challenges and crafting elegant solutions helps him consistently grow in new fields and combine the worlds of business and art, resulting in audiences numbering in the millions interacting with his products. He recently left his position of Design Director for Bithenergy, a multi-million dollar and Forbes-featured number one fastest growing inner city business in the nation, to cofound Look On Media.

Look On Media creates compelling custom Virtual Reality (VR) experiences for education, healthcare, and commercial organizations. Composed of a dynamic and skilled team, they are exceeding expectations and pushing VR boundaries with every project. With VR rapidly gaining market traction and expected to exponentially accelerate in the next 􀃶ve years, Look On Media is positioning themselves as the go-to creators for custom training, educating, and impact marketing by leveraging existing high-tier industry connections and innovating with their VR solutions.

Shayna Skolnik – Navteca
Shayna Skolnik is the co-founder and CEO of Navteca, a technology company that is investigating practical uses of VR for culture, education, and science while also providing consulting services in the public and private sector.

Navteca is exploring practical applications for VR/AR and has developed a proof of concept for GIS data users to be able to visualize data in an immersive, virtual reality environment. Working in conjunction with NASA’s Earth Science Technology Office, we are displaying data from ArcGIS online in real time, allowing scientists and researchers to visualize, interpret, and share air quality mission data from a unique perspective. We are also working with the NASA Center for Climate Simulation to display visualizations of big data sets — Earth spanning data — in a compelling, unique format.

Robert Cloutier – Digital History Studios

Robert Cloutier has been a 3D cinematic animator and compositor for the past 22+ years, 15 of which had been in the computer gaming field.  He has worked on several high profile games such as Sid Meier’s Civilization IV, Sid Meier’s Pirates, Sid Meier’s Railroads, Rise of Nations, Gunship!, European Air War and many other history-oriented titles.  He has taught classes on 3D animation and has published multiple articles in international trade-oriented periodicals.  His artwork has appeared on the covers of various game and industry magazines and the box cover art for multiple computer games.  His clients have also included documentary producers, historic preservation groups, online museums, government agencies, NASA, Discovery Communications, the Smithsonian and the Newseum.  Robert’s primary focus of his work is to recreate history, whether historic places, objects or events, in 3D.  He stresses historical accuracy in all his work and has a passion for making history come alive.

The meeting will be held at the
Remsen Building (400 Dulany Street) at the 1st floor conference room. We are located 2 blocks from the

KING STREET METRO station (BLUE/YELLOW Lines) -(Walking Directions)

Street Parking
$1.75 per hour, 2 hour max
Free after 9pm

Hoffman Town Center Garage
206 Swamp Fox Rd
Alexandria, VA 22314

Additional paid parking garages are also available in the area.

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