Creating Visual Effects for Film and Video


Course Level:
Film and Digital Media Institute  (1-6)
Creating Visual Effects for Film and Video

Interface Media Group (IMG) Creative Director Dave Flood and  Senior Designer Dave Taschler will be teaching a class at American  University focusing on the creative application of special effects: “From  Imagination to Reality”.  Special Effects have been a part of film  history for over a century starting with the early films of George  Méliès to the “Star Wars” films by George Lucas to today’s Avatar.  Pioneering visual effects techniques from both in-camera and  digital will be discussed along with the tools available on the desktop.   With more than 20 years of creating and designing for film and video,  the Dave’s offer professional tips to the intermediate EFX artist. Discover  the fun and excitement behind creating the Apple itunes spots, the Juno  title credits, virtual scenery and more to take your project to the next  level.

This course covers advanced techniques  for seamlessly blending live and computer-generated elements to create  visual effects for film and video. Students plan, shoot, and create their  own visual effects projects by making use of digital still cameras, SD and  HD video (including tapeless workflow), and extensive greenscreen. Includes  greenscreen production, keying, effects creation, rotoscoping, motion  tracking, match-moving, and color correction. Prerequisite: COMM-454/654 or  experience with Adobe After Effects.

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