NW ANIMATION FESTIVAL 2012: Call For Submissions

The NW Animation Festival is now accepting entries for 2012. Films

from anywhere in the world are welcome.

The event will be held in Portland Oregon on the weekend of May 18-19.
Early deadline December 15, final deadline April 1. See website for
details:  http://www.nwanimationfest.com/

In our first year, we screened 78 films from 9 countries, including
two from Oscar nominees. We aim to make our second year even grander.

We showcase the breadth of the animation world. All methods are
represented: hand-drawn, computer-generated, stop-motion, pixilation,
and experimental hybrids. All styles are welcome: hilarious, heart-
warming, dark, cerebral, or abstract. We make a point of showing films
both from masters and remarkable amateurs.

This is a festival created by animators, for animators, and all lovers
of animation. We bring together and inspire a community of artists,
and expand audiences’ understanding of what can be done with the art

•  Place of origin: Films may come from anywhere in the world.

•  Length: Films may be of any length, short or long.

•  Completion date: You may submit films made at any time during your

•  Other festivals: You may show your work at other festivals

•  Internet: You may show as much of your work online as you like.

You can send materials by mail, or you can submit everything
electronically. For full instructions, visit:  http://www.nwanimationfest.com/2012-submit/

Sven Bonnichsen
Festival Director

Northwest Animation Festival
facebook:  www.facebook.com/nwanimationfest
twitter: www.twitter.com/NWAnimationFest